Promoting emerging artists

After several years of successful experience in Middle East, in running independent art spaces and platforms, our founder, opened his first gallery in the heart of Vienna, in a historic building circa 18th Century, known as Johannesgasse 17, in 2017. The structure is considered to be part of the “Historic Centre of Vienna”, an area known as a World Heritage Site. Several buildings on the street, including Johannesgasse 17, make up what was Savoyensches Damenstift, the Palais of the Savoyen-Carignan Duchess. The gallery has been at the forefront of the creative world since its opening in Vienna and dedicating this platform to promote emerging artists.

Different zones for different media

Desiderio Gallery consists of five exhibition Zones: Ground Floor, Hof-f, Flur, AIRS, and Keller. Ground Floor has 3 exhibition rooms including Room DAS, Room DIE, Room DER. Hof-f and Flur zones, are dedicated to Site- Specific installations, and Keller (-1 space) with 500 qm is dedicated to exhibiting artists with video installations, new media and experimental projects for artists to share their ideas with their audience. AIRS (Artist-In-Residence Studio) is also a space dedicated to our artists to work in and to be prepared for their upcoming exhibition.

The world is constantly in a state of change. Considering all the changes our world faced in 2020 and after 3 years of supporting intercultural and interdisciplinary projects, experiencing and connecting to the Austrian art scene, a further step was taken in September 2020 for a more dynamic exhibition program with a new team to curate selection of artist collaborations with the aim to introduce and further establish young emerging artists in all media of contemporary art to the primary market, both locally and internationally. In this regard our gallery has been recruited with young educated creative members who bring new ideas and approaches to our community. Working closely with curators and advisors and leading intellectuals in the field, the gallery is committed to presenting distinguished exhibitions which reflect the culture and attitudes of its artists and after a reopening in 2021, tries to represent international artists from different generations, cultural backgrounds, and mindsets.