HELMUT GRILL Pleasure & Pain



Pleasure & Pain 

Solo Exhibition 

12th of November – 26th of November 2021


12th of November 2021 , 6 p.m.

Desiderio Gallery is honoured to invite you for the opening of “Pleasure & Pain” – the hybrid solo exhibition by Helmut Grill happening on the 12th of November.

“Pleasure & Pain” opens the dialogue of the abstruse, the paradoxical with the conscious and unconscious perceptions of our society.

Do you believe in reality? 

Fragments and excerpts of reality deepen and create new spheres that reflect and question the contrary of our reality, or what we call reality. Behind their ideal glossy, aesthetics reveal the artificiality and construction of the overdrawn, absurd, yet realistic fusion of imagery and photography created by Grill.

Photography as a medium of reflection and a form of possibility is used herein Grill’s critical examination of our time and social developments as a way of representation to make us aware of the fractures, absurdities, and manipulations.

The show takes us to the worlds and amplitudes, from sacred temples to the metaverse, through its deliberate incisions of the homogenized heterogeneous. Together we will dive into the possibilities of the hybrid, at the intersection of analog and digital art.

You will be welcomed with exclusive drinks from Desiderio No1 Prosecco in a cheerful atmosphere starting from 6 p.m.

We are looking forward to seeing you there! 

Your Desiderio-Team