Matterless Frontiers

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Matterless Frontiers

19.08.2021 – 31.08.2021 

Solo Painting Exhibition by Egmont Hartwig 

Open from Thursday, 19.08.2021 – 16:00pm.

Desiderio N1 gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “ Matterless Frontiers”, a new exhibition by Egmont Hartwig. Desiderio Gallery marks the first exhibition with the Dutch, Austrian-based artist who exhibits spectacular series of realistic paintings with a Still-life focus. “Matterless Frontiers” exhibition explores matterless frontiers of painting through the dematerialization of reality, The Real, and reference material.

He uses different methods to entrap the viewer in a tight close encounter with hyper-reality, while reality starts a new “process of becoming” by grasping the viewers’ perception. It seems as if they feed on our senses and nerves; they become more intense and inflated to lead us to absorb their sharp excessiveness without hesitation.

Sometimes he uses subtraction, and sometimes he applies exaggeration to create a sense-conceptual situation where you might somehow experience from the deep visual silence of Andrey Tarkovsky’s cinematography to the minimal idealism of René Magritte’s paintings. Hartwig diverts the typical expression of an established form of understanding matter and objects to one that is considered more an instinctual desire or impulse. He does not elevate the objects, characters, and materiality itself, but he sublimates the situations of perceiving them through painting.