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15th of October 2021, 6 p.m.

Finissage and NFT-Release


We are delighted to invite you on the 15th of October to the finissage of MYLAR by Bil Brown at Desiderio Gallery.

Together with Leica Camera Austria, we have the honor to display the series of the LA-based photographer, cinematographer, and director Bil Brown exclusively for the first time as a duo show.

MYLAR – with its unidentifiable gender and deep animus, transforms emotions into elongated mutations of colorful, gentle animals and the gentle fantasy of dissociated realities. With psychedelic deformations and metamorphoses, Brown reveals the hidden desires of projected identities.


Artist and collagist Penny Slinger says that the MYLAR experiments take the viewer “to a place of mystery, where spirits vie for attention and bubble to the surface to reveal themselves”.

Bil Brown, who has been featured in established international fashion and art magazines, revives the psychedelic portraits of Ira Cohen’s experiment and brings the surreal process into the digital era.

In order to bring this amazing exhibition to a perfect end, the complete gallery selection will be available for purchase as prints and NFTs. To mark the occasion of the NFT-Release, Leica Camera Austria will conduct a live interview with Bil Brown about his perspectives on his work.


In a cheerful atmosphere, you will be welcomed with exclusive drinks from Desiderio No1 Prossecco.


We are looking forward to seeing you there!




Finissage: 15.10.21, 6 p.m. | Desiderio Gallery | Johannesgasse 17 | 1010 Vienna

NFT-Release of the complete gallery series



Screening: 8 p.m. Exclusive Interview with lens-based artist Bil Brown,

by Miriam Marzura from Leica Camera Austria



Exhibition Leica Store: 18.09. – 30.10.21 | Leica Galerie Wien Oper

Walfischgasse 1 | 1010 Vienna 

Mylar by Bil Brown 90 x 60(10)
Mylar by Bil Brown 90 x 60(3)
Mylar by Bil Brown 150 x 100(3)
Mylar by Bil Brown 150 x 100(2)