Non-Verbal Interior

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Non-Verbal Interior

A Group Exhibition by Hasti Tabatabaei, Danielle Pamp, Esther Eigner, and Alex Kloppe

16.07.2021 – 03.08.2021

Open from Friday, 16.07.2021


Desiderio N°1 Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Non-Verbal Interior, a new group exhibition by international artists.


We give a new identity to the object of aesthetic by looking at it in isolation from its surrounding environment, focusing on a view for the visual pleasures it provides and attempting to capture the moment’s impression – a channel through the possibilities of a viewer’s observation toward the Artist’s interiors.


Painting is a medium that can be narrative, and at the same time, it can evade it. Using time and space to develop a narrative is not a new method, but how far can the artists let themselves be non-verbal in narrating through time and space, and does it make a different impact on the audience? And how far can a viewer go to be part of that narration despite all different mindsets?


That’s what the exhibition “Non-Verbal Interior” revolves around; the outburst of autobiographical narrations of moments, situations, disintegrations, transitions, and evolutions through a personal perception of time and space, which yet can be empathic.

The Hammock
The Hammock by Danielle Pamp
Three Generations by Danielle Pamp
Fenstergangportrait by Esther Eigner