Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister was born in Bregenz on August 6, 1962. 

Stefan Sagmeister has made a name for himself primarily with the design of album covers. However, the Austrian also designs the brand presences of well-known companies and institutions. In doing so, he works closely on the border between graphic design and art.

The designer is considered one of the most innovative contemporary designers. 

In 1991, Sagmeister moved to Hong Kong, where he worked at the Leo Burnett advertising agency. Two years later he returned to New York. There he worked briefly for the design company M&Co, run by Tibor Kalman, until he founded his own agency Sagmeister Inc. in 1993.

Six newly commissioned double page spreads for the Austrian Magazine .copy. Together they read: Having / guts / always / works out/ for / me. These are dividing spaces, each opening a new chapter in the magazine. Each month the magazine commissions another studio/artist with the design.

Having Guts Always Works Out For Me 

New York , 2008

70 x 90 cm 


high-end prints mounted on aluminium

Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister 


Stefan Sagmeister, Matthias Ernstberger, Miao Wang & Bela Borsodi